Hiring the right talent is always difficult and even harder to retain.
Our platform provides companies with the unique means to connect candidates with companies' own employees. These employees act as brand ambassadors to communicate the company's brand authentically.

We help attract only those candidates who live company-specific values: enabling HR to increase their reach and process a high amount of applicants quickly, while simultaneously eliminating "bad fits" and increasing employee retention.
How it works
Each day we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier.
Attract the right talent
Companies nominate internal ambassadors to communicate the firm's genuine values to a set of pre-selected candidates.
Check for cultural fit
Our algorithm compares people's values and motivational factors and matches company ambassadors to candidates.
Optimise recruiting process
We then connect the right candidates with young employees for a mutual cultural fit assessment. All this before the formal recruiting process begins.

Exclusive introduction
to highly skilled and sought-after talent

Candidate and company ambassador personality data is matched

We connect candidates with company ambassadors
Cultural Fit

HR receives shortlist
of best-fit candidates
You ask
How do you differ from other job matching platforms?
The main difference to other job-matching platforms consists of the fact that both parties, motivated employees as well as our candidates, take the same Zugvogl questionnaire. Knowing motivated employees' personality profile and matching this data to all incoming candidates, allows HR to apply an additional filter for person-organisation-fit, which is part of our competitive advantage.
What is special about your questionnaire and your algorithm?
The fundamental framework of our algorithm is based on a survey that we created with researchers from the IESE Business School's leadership department. This survey consists of a mix of statistically validated testing methods from the organisation and personal psychology fields, allowing us to understand individuals' values and motivational needs to ensure a good person-organisation fit.
Why now: what has changed in the market to create the Zugvogl opportunity?
The rise of talent platforms and increased transparency lead to high benefits for both sides. However, this trend also poses challenges for companies as time spent on screening applications has quadrupled and review platforms don't necessarily present the true company image. As the war for talent increases further, attracting candidates that fit will become even more important. We provide companies the means to leverage happy employees to increase referral rates, accelerate speed of hiring and reduce attrition rates.
What does Zugvogl mean?
Zugvogel means migrant bird in German - birds leaving for a new territory, with a clear direction. We are about guiding: brand ambassadors leading graduates who leave their nest for the first time.