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General questions
How does Zugvogl work?
After registering you start off by taking our survey and uploading your CV. Our team checks your CV to ensure you make the best possible first impression.

You then receive proposals of various companies and their ambassadors that you can choose to talk to based on your job and/or company preference.

Our service is and always will be free for you.
Which candidates and why these?
Zugvogl is currently for engineering and science students and graduates only.

Study courses: Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aviation, Automotive Engineering, Process Engineering, Energy Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Information Technology, Materials Engineering, Mathematics, Physics.

Why not all areas of study: We are still a start-up and have decided to initially focus on engineering and natural sciences. In addition, we are currently working with companies that are looking for candidates in these fields and are therefore unable to offer students any other positions at the moment.
What is the Zugvogl algorithm based on?
In cooperation with psychologists and statisticians of the IESE Business School, we have developed a questionnaire based on validated test methods from personnel and organizational psychology.

It essentially focuses on personal values and motivation factors – this is the basic framework of our matching algorithm.
How does Zugvogl differ from other job matching platforms?
The main difference to other matching platforms is that we focus on the cultural fit and common values between candidates and companies.

The goal is to help candidates find the right work environment in which they can thrive. So instead of matching candidates to generic job descriptions, we match them to people inside each company. That way they can make a better and more informed decision about whether or not the job and company they are interested in is actually also a good fit.
Why the name Zugvogl?
Zugvogel means migrant bird in German - birds leaving for a new territory, with a clear direction. We are about guiding: company ambassadors leading graduates who leave their nest for the first time.
Is it possible to register with my personal email address?
Not at the moment. For now you need to register with your university-email address to confirm that you are part of that institution.

We do however ask you to kindly give us a personal secondary email address.

For a list of all universities taking part in Zugvogl, please click here.

We are in the process of launching our graduates program. If you are a graduate and do not have a university-email address anymore, you can register in our Early Access program and get notified once we are ready.
I have not received a registration confirmation email. What should I do?
We are sorry to hear this. Usually this is caused by one of the following:

1) There was a type-o in your email address.
2) You chose the wrong university email ending from the drop-down menu.
3) The email landed your spam folder.

Please contact us if this did not help. We will find the error and get you signed up!

How long does the registration process take?
No longer than 15 minutes. You can also pause at every step and continue later.
Why do you have codes?
When we speak to students from universities we give them a flyer with information about Zugvogl. This flyer also has a code relevant to their university on it.

You however do not need to use any code to register with Zugvogl.
I'm a graduate. Can I register?
Yes, students who no longer have a university-email address can still register.

Please click here.
Is Zugvogl free?
Our service is and will always be free for candidates.

It is the companies that pay for our service.
I'm looking for an internship, is Zugvogl right for me?
Yes. When registering, you can select the option whether you are looking for an internship or a full time job. Many companies also offer part-time student jobs and Bachelor or Master Thesis programs. Have a look!
Which companies does Zugvogl work with?
Startups, medium-sized companies, "hidden champions" (i.e. relatively unknown larger companies that are market leaders in their sector) and some large companies (Procter & Gamble, DB, Siemens, Airbus).
Do you operate worldwide?
We are currently focused on the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland & Austria), but as we work with international companies, there are potential jobs available internationally.

Our goal is to develop into an international service.
Who can see my profile and what happens to my data?
Once you express interest to speak to one of your ambassador matches, HR departments will see your CV and ambassadors will see your profile.

However, the answers to your personality questionnaire are kept anonymous, as its sole purpose is to match you with the right company ambassador.
Our questionnaire is anonymous and the results are encrypted – no results can be viewed internally either. The personal data is stored in Germany and the companies can only see the profile if the candidate clicks on "Get introduced".
How do I delete my account?
Please use the 'Delete my account' button in your profile.
Didn't find the answer to your question?
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