We are Zugvogl
We created Zugvogl to help candidates find their perfect job and company match.

It is our mission to help candidates start their career on the right track. A good person-to-organisation fit is vital to career success and personal happiness.

our team
Isabel Worch
Founder & CEO
Valentin Golev
Alexandru Sasu
Software Engineer
Bojan Radojevic
Software Engineer
Charlotte Eberhard
Project Assistant
Anne Meindl
Candidates Advocate
Stefan Schoor
Candidates Support
Esmé Barcomi
Advisory board
Andrea Christenson
Advisory Board Member
of Cementos Molins
Antonino Vaccarro
Professor of Business Ethics
at IESE Business School
Greg Varner
Founder and Chairman
of Educe Mobile Ltd
Help us build the means for people to find the job and company they love.
Your privacy is our priority
Your privacy is very important to us. Please know that all personal information is handled with utmost care.

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